Russia’s Cheapest Places to Rent a Flat Revealed

PHOTO by Maxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Housing service provided with a list of Russia’s most affordable cities in terms of rent and housing prices. For a family of two looking to rent a flat in a place with a population exceeding one million, Voronezh is statistically the most attractive destination. The average price for a one-bedroom flat in Voronezh is 10,000 roubles ($160) per month, with average monthly household incomes at 53,000 roubles ($830). Chelyabinsk and St. Petersburg rounded out the top three metropolitan areas for tenants, according to data published by on Nov. 9.

The ratings were calculated by comparing the average price for one-bedroom flats in each city with the average monthly household income of its residents. According to this data, people renting in Voronezh have to give away less than 19% of their household budget to pay for their flats. People renting in Chelyabinsk, which came second, have to pay 21% of their income for rent, the average rent and household income being 10,990 roubles ($170) and 52,240 roubles ($820) per month, respectively.

In St. Petersburg, where the average household has a monthly income of 104,940 roubles ($1,650), people spend an average of 22,200 roubles ($350) on rent, a little over 21% of their total income.

In Moscow, rent adds up to 21.3% of total monthly household income, with the average rent costing 29,500 roubles ($460) and the average income reaching 138,700 roubles ($2,170). For Omsk, monthly rent is 10,360 roubles ($160) and the average income is 46,980 roubles ($740).