Over 60 Countries Buy Screening Rights for Russian-Made ‘Viking’

PHOTO by A shot from "Viking" / IMDb

Screening rights for the Russian film "Viking" have been sold to over 60 countries, according to a press release from Channel 1 that was received by Gazeta.Ru.

The film will be shown in Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. Deals have also been signed with China, South Korea, countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America as well.

“It is wonderful that dozens of countries have recognised the quality of the picture and purchased the screening rights for ‘Viking,’ thereby acknowledging not only its cinematic merits but also showing great interest in Russian history,” said Konstantin Ernst, the film’s producer. “Of course, foreign screenings will improve the financial results of the picture.”

"Viking" is currently ahead of the American drama "Collateral Beauty" starring Will Smith, which has earned $6.6 million and is in theatres in 49 countries, while the historical drama starring Danila Kozlovsky has only been in theatres in four countries.