Mobile Guides on Segways to Roam St. Petersburg Streets

PHOTO by j.dudzinski / Depositphotos

The wheeled tour guides will travel along the most popular tourist routes of the city.

A mobile tourist assistance task force will be launched in St. Petersburg called “I know the city.” Its Segway-equipped members will be entrusted with offering assistance to tourists in need. According to the city tourism development committee, the guides will operate on the most popular tourist routes of St. Petersburg.

New information centers will also be deployed at St. Petersburg railway terminals. There are currently 12 tourist and information bureaus operating in the city.

It was previously reported that St. Petersburg was recognised as the best location for those interested in cultural tourism. Russia’s Ministry of Culture also designated it as one of the leading regions in terms of tourism.

Earlier this week, The Art Newspaper Russia has compiled a list of most-visited art museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg in 2016.