Skolkovo Resident Develops Climate-Adapted Windows

PHOTO by Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

Teplorium, a resident company at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre near Moscow, has developed a glazing system for windows which helps them better adapt to the surrounding environment and climate. Windows and windowpanes are covered with a special energy-saving film, which is selected depending on the regional climate.

Currently there are three glazes available: one each for hot, cold and temperate climates. According to a statement issued by Teplorium, “The list of innovations offered by our product includes noise insulation; a drastic reduction in the costs of heating, cooling and lighting; the maximum utilisation of daylight without energy losses; capital investment savings; and less reliance on central heating.”

Teplorium’s product consists of a pair of double-glass panes with aluminum frames. Yuri Khakhanov, a representative of the Skolkovo Foundation, said, “The product has aluminum frames, which have been proven to be energy efficient. It has a high export potential and it is made out of raw materials found in Russia.” Ivan Materov, head of the Aluminum Association, said that the aluminum framing is “durable, fire resistant and [inexpensive].”

According to information provided by the Russian Aluminum Association, the number of aluminum-framed insulated windowpanes in Russia is only 1.8 million units. In comparison, France has 3.1 million units and Germany has 4 million units.