Sokolniki Park to Host Ice-Block Construction Area

PHOTO by Dmitry Feoktistov / TASS

The first ever family-friendly construction zone featuring blocks of ice as building materials will appear in Moscow’s Sokolniki Park this weekend. The dimensions of the cubes and pyramids made from natural ice are about 15-20 centimetres in length and width, according to

"Everyone will be able to create a castle or a town of ice blocks and decorate it with acrylic paint, which is also provided,” a press release trumpeting the debut of the icy new addition to Sokolniki Park read. “However, the paint won't be used when there are extremely low temperatures.”

The construction zone will be located along the park’s Pesochnaya Alley and helpers will be on hand to aid visitors in their building and decorating of ice castles. Broken or chipped items will constantly be changed out for new ones.

Visitors will be able to build ice castles on weekends throughout January and into early February. On weekdays, the construction zone will be closed.