St. Petersburg Travellers to Venture out to the Arctic on an Inflatable Catamaran

PHOTO by Plan X Adventure Team

Russian travellers are planning to brave the elements and venture out to the Arctic on an inflatable catamaran. The Plan X Adventure Team will take part in a four-month trip entitled “Half the Country under Sail.” The team already has extended autonomous expedition experience, according to a press release issued by the project’s organisers, received by Lenta.Ru on Dec. 6.

The adventurers plan to navigate from Krasnoyarsk to Arkhangelsk, take a trip down the Yenisei River and traverse the four Arctic seas (Kara, Pechora, Barents and White). The route is over 6,000 kilometres long.

The expedition is scheduled to kick off in June of 2017. The trip will start in Krasnoyarsk and the team is expected to reach Arkhangelsk four months later.

A special modular watercraft was built for this trip. Its main advantages are inflatable bodies and a collapsible frame, which allows it to be shipped to any location in Russia.