Super-Icebreaker Project Begins In Russia

PHOTO by Kozhevnikov Denis / TASS

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced that a new Russian icebreaker was being developed in St. Petersburg, according to Interfax.

“The task was given to the Krylovsky research center in St. Petersburg,” Rogozin said. “I was told that they had already started working on the project.”

According to Rogozin, the newly developed icebreakers will replace their Soviet-era counterparts.

Rogozin said in October that Russia would soon begin to build a high-powered icebreaker with a 110-megawatt capacity, giving it the ability to plow through ice thicker than 4.5 metres. He also noted that the new icebreaker “would in any season allow for the passage of liquefied natural gas tankers weighing up to 300,000 tonnes.”

However, the United Construction Company, or OSK, said then that the construction of such a ship would not begin until 2019.