Russia's Suzdal Joins List of Top Five European Cities with Best Hotels

PHOTO by Laures / Depositphotos

Suzdal has joined the list of the top five European cities with the best hotels in terms of the ratio of price to quality, according to a press release from Trivago hotel search service.

The city, which is part of the Golden Ring historic area around Moscow, finished fourth in the ranking of 100 European destinations. The average cost to stay in local hotels there is $50 per day. The list also included Kaliningrad (13th), Kazan (18th), St. Petersburg (35th) and Moscow (83rd).

Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina was number one on the list. A hotel room there costs about $45.50. The Serbian town of Novi Sad on the Danube River came in second while Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria rounded out the top three. Lviv in Ukraine came in fifth.

This rating is based both on the average cost of a double room per day in the hotel and its reviews on Trivago.