Tambov Wolf Selected as Official New Year Symbol in Russia

PHOTO by peterwey / Depositphotos

Russia has selected the Tambov Wolf as the official symbol of the forthcoming New Year celebrations, Bloknot reported. The symbol was chosen as a tribute to the city of Tambov, which was appointed the 2017 New Year capital of Russia.

The logo, designed by local artist Olga Solovyova, shows the smiling face of a wolf surrounded by snowflakes.

“A Tambov wolf is your comrade” is a Russian idiom that means “no friend of yours.” The logo, however, “looks friendly and genuinely wintry as it warmly invites guests to visit the festivities in the New Year capital,” representatives of the Tambov Province said.

Preparations for the New Year in Tambov start on Dec. 10 with the unveiling of a five-metre tall ice statue of a wolf in front of the Kristall Sports Palace. A variety of wolf-themed greetings cards will be available for sale.


The next city to hold the title of Russia’s New Year capital will be Khanty-Mansiysk. Sortavala in Karelia was the country’s festive capital for the last New Year celebrations.

The tradition to select a New Year’s capital in Russia dates back to 2012 when Kazan became the first Russian city to receive this status.