Russia’s Top 10 Small Towns for Summer Vacations Named

PHOTO by Alexey Kudenko / TASS

Bulgar in Russia’s Tatarstan region was recognised as the most popular destination among small Russian towns for weekend trips this summer, reported.

The town of Plyos in Ivanovo region took the 2nd position and Kirillov near Vologda became third. The 4th place went to Myshkin in Yaroslavl region, followed by Vesyegonsk, Tver region on 5th position.

The top 10 also included the Teberda resort in Karachay-Cherkessia, Zadonsk in the Lipetsk region, Pravdinsk in the Kaliningrad region, Verkhneuralsk in Chelyabinsk region and Solvychegodsk, Arkhangelsk region.

The rating included settlements with population of less than 10,000 people and was based on the data received from local tourist offices and information from online hotel reservation systems.

Bulgar is known for attracting tourists with its marvelous sights. In particular, thousands of visitors flock to Bulgar to see the Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2016, the complex was visited by 472,000 tourists.

Earlier this month, Smolensk was named the cheapest Russian destination for summer holidays.