Tourist Shoppers Spend More Than $160 a Day in Moscow

PHOTO by irinabal18 / Depositphotos

Tourists who come to Moscow to shop spend an average of about 10,000 roubles ($166.80) a day, according to Nikolay Gulyaev, head of Moscow’s Department of Sport and Tourism, who spoke at a meeting of the Government of Moscow earlier today.

According to the department, visitors coming on business trips spend an average of 5,900-6,300 roubles ($98.50-105.15) while cultural vacationers spend an average of 5,400-5,800 roubles ($90.10-96.80) a day.

Gulyaev also noted that tourism earns the city 457 billion roubles ($7.63 billion). “Tourism is one of the leading parts of Moscow's economy," he said.

The department’s data showed that the flow of visitors to Moscow for the New Year holidays has grown by almost 155% over the past six years.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists in Moscow has increased by about 40% in recent years. Travellers spend an average of four days in the city, leaving behind at least 20,000 roubles ($333.85).