Trans-Siberian Railway to Grow Five ‘Elephant Trunks’

PHOTO by Kamvari Architects

Five new stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway will have an unusual design developed by London architectural studio Kamvari Architects, according to the Daily Mail.

The buildings, similar to an elephant’s trunk extended upwards, will be made from wood. Their height will be about 20 metres.

The base structure is to be a traditional 6x8 m log-cabin, which will grow into a “trunk.” The first five of these structures are planned to be built at the beginning of 2018. The total amount that are to be built have yet to be specified.

As explained by the representatives of Kamvari Architects, the design reflects the contrast between the movement of a high-speed train and the immobility of the railway station. It also pays a tribute to local traditions and values.

Kamvari Architects won the competition for the refurbishment of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The competition was initiated by Bee Breeders, a leading architecture competition organiser.