Archaeologists Dug Into Two Ancient Temples in Russia’s Tver

PHOTO by Tvernews

Archaeologists have discovered the foundations of two temples from the early 15th century during excavations on the Zheltikov monastery territory in Tver. Specialists have established that discovered ruins were part of the Assumption Cathedral and the Nikolsky chapel, a local website Tvernews reported.

The excavations began on May 14 under supervision of Alexey Salimov, the archaeologist who was dreaming about this site investigation for more than 30 years. But before 2015, the monastery’s land was occupied by the military warehouse and recently was demolished by the court order. The location is given back to the Orthodox Church supervision, so it can proceed with restorations of Zheltikov monastery in near future.

According to Salimov, the discovered temples are important architectural monuments of that time. "Both of them are worthy of attention, as they have a number of constructive solutions that testify the craftsmanship of Tver architects, which are not typical to Moscow architecture style in the late 14th – early 15th centuries. This is sensational" Salimov noted.

Tver 2

The territory of Zheltikov Monastery was ruined in the first half of the 20th century. The greatest damage was inflicted during the retreat of Soviet troops from Kalinin in 1941. As the war ended, a warehouse for fuel and lubricants was erected on the territory. Fuel was stored underground and was scooped up with excavator buckets, which damaged the remaining parts of the ancient buildings.

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On May 26, archaeologists plan to suspend excavations. The discovered foundations can enter the exposition of Zheltikov monastery in the future.