Two Men Complete Bike Ride from Moscow to Yakutia

PHOTO by Vkontakte page “The Long Way Home: Moscow-Mirny bike ride”

The two travelers, Nikolai Pavlov and Alexander Vigandt, rode their bicycles all the way from Moscow to Yakutia in the Sakha Republic. The trip took 111 days to complete, over which they visited 14 different regions of the Russian Federation.

The adventurers spoke with following their arrival at the final destination.

As Pavlov and Vigandt reached their hometown Mirny, which is located in Yakutia, they said they were glad to have done the trip, adding that they discovered a new Russia.

“Chuvashia, Bashkortostan and Chelyabinsk Oblast were particularly memorable,” Pavlov said, suggesting that people should visit these regions. He also mentioned Baikal and Altay, as he described them “simply astonishing.”

“But the best part of our country, and there’s no denying this, is the people – kind, sincere and open,” the traveler emphasized.

The bikers covered a total of 6,000 kilometres. The trip was supposed to be 2,000 kilometres longer, but they were denied access to a highway connecting the Irkutsk region and Yakutia. In place of this, they had to take a shortcut by boarding a barge.

The adventurers were accompanied by Pavlov’s sister, Tuyara, and Andrew Bugaards, a Canadian friend whom he had met at university. During the three-month long journey, Bugaards had to cut his participation in the trip short and return home.