Russia's Tyumen Tourists to Observe Oil Deposits

PHOTO by amarinchenko / Depositphotos

The new route will be designed for schoolchildren, students and business tourists.

A tourist route for the oil fields in the Tyumen region is being developed, TASS reported, quoting Maria Trofimova, head of the region’s department of consumer market and tourism.

"A route for the region's oil fields is being developed, although we haven't chosen a name for it yet,” Trofimova said. “The route will represent the Tyumen region as an oil region because it was historically at the root of northern mining development.”

She noted that oil-field tours are meant for business tourists, schoolchildren and students specialising in extractive industries.

The tourist flow to the Tyumen region is increasing every year. In 2015, about two million tourists visited the region from Russia and about 40,000 from abroad. These are primarily business travellers, as well as guests of sanatoriums and those interested in tours.