Russia's Rostec Subsidiary Creates New Eye-Controlled Prototype

PHOTO by SergeyNivens / Depositphotos

Rostec subsidiary United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, or UIMC, demonstrated a prototype that will allow users to control electronic devices with their eyes, reported UIMC.

The prototype, which utilises augmented reality technology, is called Neuro-M. Its purpose is to simplify human interaction with computers, smart phones and smart household appliances. The device allows users to write on their computer, browse the Internet, run programs remotely and turn appliances on and off.

Two built-in cameras track eye movement with a frequency of up to 200 frames per second. A Russian alphabet keyboard appears on the glasses if you need to send a message.

"The system will identify compatible devices; you just need to look, for example, at the computer and hold your glance and your sight will take control over the cursor," said Deputy Head of the UIMC Innovative Development Department Pavel Anisimov.