Russia’s Trademark Ural Motorcycles Now Sold With Bottles of Vodka


A special edition of Ural Ambassador Limited Edition motorcycles dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the IMZ factory outside of Yekaterinburg are now available in the US, Avtorevyu reported.

There are only 25 bikes on sale, each costing $16,500. There are no technical differences from the original Ural model and the special-edition models have a two-cylinder engine with a 40-plus horsepower capacity, a four-speed transmission and a sidecar.

Customers will also receive a unique accessory as a gift – a first aid kit with a “First Aid” bottle of vodka, a can of sardines and chewing gum. However, you cannot buy this kit separately in the United States.

The US, Canada, Australia and the EU countries are the main markets for IMZ. Up to 97% of Ural motorcycles manufactured by IMZ are exported, with the remaining 3% sold in Russia and the CIS.