VKontakte and Roscosmos to Send a Cosmobot to ISS

PHOTO by VKontakte

Social network VKontakte and Russian space agency Roscosmos plan to launch a cosmobot to the International Space Station, as reported in VK’s blog.

“In conjunction with Roscosmos, we are going to send a capsule with an intelligent space bot, Spotty, in spring 2017. It will connect our users with the ISS crew,” the blog states.

Spotty will transmit back to Earth photos and videos of what’s happening at the station and beyond. It will also be able to receive messages from VK users and share them via a small projector with astronauts.

The first version of cosmobot, a simple artificial intelligence that has the ability to answer space-related questions, was launched on Monday, Oct. 10. Also released was the first prototype of the space capsule.