Winter in Moscow Snowiest in Twenty Years

PHOTO by fiores_oleg / Depositphotos

This winter in Moscow has been the snowiest of the past 20 years, according to Meteonovosti. Over two metres of snow fell on Moscow between late October and Jan. 26.

“Before this, the snowiest winter was 2012-2013, when 173 centimetres of snow were recorded by Jan. 26, and 328 centimetres of snow for the whole winter season, including 102 centimetres in March,” Meteonovosti reported.

Weather forecasters say that the amount of snow this January has been nine centimetres less than in January 2013. However, as Meteonovosti emphasised, “during the remaining two months of the current cold season there will be more snow in the city.”

Experts are not ignoring the possibility that this winter may also set records for being the coldest. In early January, weather forecasters said that this winter had had the earliest frosts in the last 137 years.