Moscow to Create One of World’s Largest School Wi-Fi Networks

PHOTO by Mudrats Aleksandra / TASS

Moscow plans to install one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks for educational institutions. This year, 646 Moscow schools will establish more than 20,000 access points, and 60,000 such points covering 1,125 buildings are expected to be available by 2018, according to a statement on the Government of Moscow’s website earlier today.

When the Wi-Fi network is completed, it will become one of the largest Wi-Fi networks for educational institutions in the world, according to a representative from the Government of Moscow’s IT department.

Last year, as a part of a pilot project, Wi-Fi networks with 2,300 access points were established at 69 educational institutions. To access the Internet, students and teachers need to log into an electronic journal with their own passwords. As for the planned network, only authorised users will be allowed to use it and the Internet provider will filter content.

Moscow is number two in the world in terms of city Wi-Fi access points.