Tatarstan: Thirteen Must-See Things

Kazan, the jewel and the capital of the Tatarstan Republic, is not its only attraction – there are plenty of marvellous places to visit!

The Fast and the Beautiful

Most attractive Russian award-winning female athletes of 2016

More Than 500 People Attend Moscow Bicycle Parade

Despite the freezing cold, more than 500 people rode in the second Moscow Winter Bicycle Parade on Jan. 8

25 Years Without the USSR: What We Lost

Faceted glasses, pompous hairstyles and futuristic petrol stations: browse our photo gallery to see what went down in history with the collapse of the USSR

Bored with the Mainstream

The life of a lawyer who exchanged his metropolitan office for a hut in a forest near Moscow

Post-Industrial: Moscow Factories Gain a New Lease of Life

A celection of numerous Moscow factories and plants that have now become home to business centres, lofts and museums

Putin’s Canine Companion and Other Animals

Reindeers, horses, dogs and tigers – put together a photo gallery of President Putin pictured with his multiple animal friends

A Christmas Fairytale in Russia’s Metropolises

Check out the most magical images of wintertime in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan in our photo gallery

Russia’s Itinerant Masters of Realism

145 years ago, the Russian Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg hosted the first exhibit by the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions, also known as the Peredvizhniki

Arctic Delights

High-end cuisine of Russia's Far North

Miss Russia Selected in Moscow

“Beauty of Russia,” a contest that has been honoring the most beautiful women in the country since 1995, has come to an end

An Airplane and a Girl

How a 23-year-old female pilot conquers the sky

The Kremlin Clock Is Still Chiming After 310 Years

Exactly 310 years ago today, Moscow residents woke up at 9 am to the ringing of the Kremlin Clock for the very first time

What Fedor the Robot Can Do

Russia cultivates a mechanical helper who can drive a car and work with household appliances

Best-Looking Russian Model Crowned in Moscow

The national Top Model of Russia beauty pageant for professional models recently took place in Moscow

Winter Arrives in Moscow

Moscow’s parks officially opened the skating season on Nov. 26

Travel to Russia from Home

The best photographs of Russia in one travel photo competition

Sexiest Women of Russia 2016

The Russian edition of Maxim magazine has named pop singer Vera Brezhneva the sexiest woman in Russia

Dwellers of Russia's Frosty North

Fascinating portraits of Arctic wildlife captured by Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov