By Memory, by Touch

PHOTO by Daria Garnik /

After 2008 graduation in art department, Alexey Filatov from Yekaterinburg worked as a teacher at first. Three years later, he suffered a severe flu symptom and completely lost his sight as a result of following complications.

He did not quit teaching though – until recently, Alexey led the "The Art of Eastern European Countries" course at the Ural State University. Today, he works in a correctional school, teaches children of an orphanage and wards at the "Verba" charity foundation.

Alexey shares thoughts on art from his memories and still continues to study by listening audiobooks and attending lectures. He never lost a taste for life. Today, he actively involves visually impaired people into artistic processes. In 2015, he helped to create "Painting of the Blind" project. A little later, Alexey began cooperation with the "SoBytie" inclusive union – their joint project is based on the experience of modern dance.

Our gallery tells a story of a man who grasps the art in the darkness.