What Fedor the Robot Can Do

PHOTO by Alexander Ovcharov / RIA Novosti

Two-day testing for a robot named “Fedor” is being held in Magnitogorsk. Commissioned by the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the robot was created by the Foundation for Advanced Studies (FAS) and the NGO “Androidnaya Tekhnika,” as a part of the “Rescuer” project.

The TASS news agency reported, citing the FAS, that the development of the robot began in 2014 and now it is able to move in different modes, drive a car and work with household appliances and tools.

In October, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin stated on his social network page that "the country torn to pieces" creates a robot that can function as a spaceship crew member. Then he wrote that by 2021, plans have been set to adapt the robot to a new manned spacecraft and begin flight tests.

Tests performed on Earth can be seen in our photo gallery.