The Land of Oil and Wild Deer

PHOTO by Yulia Khanina /

Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region, or Yugra, occupies an area equal to France. It stretches across the eastern slopes of Ural mountains to the watershed of Ob and Yenisei rivers. This land full of virgin beauty and richly striped with rivers and lakes is sparsely populated – just a population of 1,6 million inhabit several small towns. Khanty and Mansi - indigenous northerners whose unique tongues belong to Finno-Ugric language group can be met in these places. These peoples are calm, friendly and hospitable. Traditionally, they were breeding deer, hunting, fishing and gathering mushrooms, but now they’re also engaged in rapidly developing ethnotourism. Our photo gallery shows how the aboriginal tribes of Yugra live and what can they offer to curious travellers.