How Skiers Built Their Own Village in Baikal Region

PHOTO by Anton Klimov /

Mamai, a unique place with natural, un-groomed terrain, became a real catch for freeriders.

There are various slopes, a good amount of snow and its relatively easy to access. It's not surprising then that Mamai topped the list of the best freeriding resorts in Russia, according to TourStat.

Mamai is located 195 kilometres from Irkutsk in the Buryatia Republic. Mamai is a small village in the mountains about ten kilometres from the nearest train station.

It all started in 1999 when a group of snowboarders organised a tented camp here. Five years later, they built the first two-by-four metre house without windows for spending winters. Photographer Anton Klimov went to Mamai to see what an ideal place for freeriding looks like.