The Four Masts

PHOTO by Valery Vasilevsky

Last month, the Sedov, a four-mast barque that is one of the world's largest sailing ships, turned 96. and marine photographer Valery Vasilevsky captured the beauty of the pride of the Russian fleet.

The Sedov is the second largest sailboat after the five-mast Royal Clipper.

Port of Registry: Murmansk

Year of Construction: 1921

Shipyard: Germaniawerft, Kiel, Germany

Ship Type: four-mast barque

Hull: steel

Displacement: 6,148 tonnes

Length: 117.5 metres

Width: 14.7 metres

Draft: 6.7 metres

Mast Height: 58 metres

Speed under Sails: 18 knots

Speed under Engine: 10 knots

Crew: 54

Students: 102

Interns: 46