‘Watercolour’ Train En Route in Moscow Metro

PHOTO by Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

The “Aquarelle” (“Watercolour”) train with a new exposition of spring still-lives and landscapes was launched on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya (Blue) Line of the Moscow Metro on Monday, the Moskva news agency reported.

"This year, the train celebrates its tenth anniversary. The new design fits perfectly into the overall concept of the train, because all the paintings were made with watercolours," said Alexei Ilinykh, the Deputy Head for Communications of the Moscow Metro.

The launch is dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Academy of Watercolours and Fine Arts and the opening of a similar exhibition in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in central Moscow, which will run from April 6.

The presentation of the renewed exhibition of the “Watercolour” train was held on March 27 at the Partizanskaya station of the Moscow Metro. The new exposition was prepared in collaboration with the Academy of Watercolours and Fine Arts of Sergei Andriyaka. The renovated interior of the train-gallery is decorated with about 50 works by the famous artist and his students.