Neural Nets App to Find Lost Pets Presented in St. Petersburg

The 3bots team developed an application for the VK social network that can help find lost cats and dogs based on their photos

Telegram Introduces New Blogging Platform

Telegram Messenger has launched Telegraph, a tool that can be used to create articles for publishing via Telegram or other websites

Rostelecom to Develop Microsoft Office Alternative for Moscow Government

Rostelecom is planning to update the Moscow City Government’s email system

What’s Up With Batsaap?

WhatsApp brings electronic democracy, reindeer meat and photos of cats to Yakutian users

Anti-Domestic Abuse App Launched in Russia

An app that hopes to bring an end to domestic abuse has been launched in Russia

Russian Shazam Users Can Now Stream Music for Free

Shazam has signed an agreement with the Russian streaming music service Zvooq, which now allows Russian users to listen tracks free of charge