Russian Startup to Analyse Data for American, Swedish Hockey Clubs

Russian startup Iceberg has signed a deal with the New York Islanders from the National Hockey League, or NHL

Bloomberg Predicts ‘Happiness’ for Russian Economy

Russia has the potential to drop nine spots in Bloomberg’s ‘Misery Index’ this year

Russia Again World’s Leading Oil Producer

Russia’s oil production surpassed Saudi Arabia’s in December 2016, although both countries’ overall output fell during that period

Bloomberg Predicts Russian Economic Growth in 2017

Russia's GDP will grow by 1.1% this year and by another 1.5% the year after, according to a survey of analysts conducted by Bloomberg

Russia in Top Ten for Countries With Cheapest Petrol

Russia ranked tenth overall in the list of countries with the cheapest petrol based on economic results from the fourth quarter of 2016

Bloomberg Analysts Forecast Weaker Sanctions for Russia

According to the analysts, if the sanctions are lifted, Russia’s GDP growth in 2017 will accelerate by 0.2% and by 0.5% in 2018

Video of the Day: Musk Biographer’s Documentary About Russian Internet

American journalist Ashlee Vance, author of Elon Musk's, biography shot a film about the Russian Internet called “Inside Russia’s Creepy, Innovative Internet”

Foreign Investors Return to Russia

Major foreign companies, it would seem, have regained at least some of their former confidence in the Russian economy and are now busy expanding their presence in the country

Bloomberg: Russia $6 Billion Richer Thanks to OPEC Talks

Russia’s decision to enter into negotiations with OPEC to limit oil production has added 400 billion roubles ($6 billion) to the country’s budget, Bloomberg reported

Bloomberg Names Russia's Richest Man

Severstal owner Alexey Mordashov is now the richest man in Russia

Bloomberg: Russian Economy in Major Overhaul

Bloomberg is reporting that the Russian economy is now undergoing its most far-reaching transformation since Putin rose to power

Bloomberg Forecasts Increase in Russian Companies’ Profit Margin

Analysts have raised their 12-month profit projections for members of the MICEX Index by 5 per cent