Russia Starts Developing National Cryptocurrency

The Bank of Russia started national digital currency development project

Russia’s Reserves Show $3 Billion Hike in April

Russia's foreign exchange (or gold and currency) reserves increased by $3.09 billion in a month (from April 1 to May 1) and reached a volume of $400.99 billion

Fitch, S&P and Moody's Consider Opening Offices in Russia

The “Big Three” credit rating agencies are considering opening branches in Russia, said the First Deputy Chairman of Russia's Central Bank

Major Chinese Bank Permitted to Work with Russian Depositors

The Bank of Russia issued a license to work with individuals’ deposits to the Russian division of the ICBC, one of the largest credit organisations of China

Russian Net Capital Outflow Decreased Five-fold – Central Bank

Net capital outflow from Russia has decreased five-fold since the beginning of the year, down to $9.6 billion

Rouble on a Leash

Government is set to weaken rouble to soften the landing