Russian Dishes Which Scare Foreign Chefs

Can someone who grew up on sushi, pizza or pasta genuinely like Herring under Fur Coat or Veal Orlov?

Netflix Documentary Series Features Moscow Chef

Streaming service Netflix posted a trailer for the third season of “Chef’s Table,” its documentary series about the culinary traditions of the world, on YouTube

Asian Appetisers with a Russian Touch

Prawns in Kimchi sauce, cod liver with wasabi sauce and other Asian delicacies

Russian Vinaigrette

Russians’ favourite crimson appetizer

Russian Inflight Chef Named One of World’s Best

Russian chef Mikhail Denisov was recognised one of the world’s best culinary specialists producing onboard meals

French Chef on Russian Cheese, Epiphany Bathing and Banya Nudity

A Bordeaux native talks about how Moscow looks from an outsider’s perspective and why one feels like a child when they don’t know the language

Ten Inflight Chefs to Compete in Moscow

A competition of ten chefs from different countries will take place in Moscow within the framework of the International Forum SkyService 2017

Michelin-Star Chefs of Moscow

Let us introduce you to Moscow’s seven eateries whose chefs used to work in Michelin-starred restaurants

Food With a Side of Accent: Chef Boris Fries, Pickles, Sings for American TV Network

The Cooking Channel, an American television network, has released several videos featuring a guy named Boris sharing the secrets of Russian cuisine

American Chef Tries Traditional Russian Meals

Chef Christopher Arianes, who moved to Moscow from New York to work in the Russian capital’s 15 Kitchen + Bar, tried meat aspic, sprats and wild garlic and told us what he thought

What's for Dinner: Fried Dumplings

Don’t forget that you can not only boil dumplings but also fry and bake them

Meat Cutlets: The Russian Counterpart to Burgers

Apart from Borscht, thin pancakes and buckwheat, which are usually associated with traditional Russian cuisine, meat cutlets hold a very special place in every Russian’s heart

How to Make Mulled Wine Using a Water Cooler

How we made mulled wine for our editorial office’s New Year’s Eve party

Three Easy Turkey Recipes for Christmas Dinner

Salt, pepper and a few tricks will help you cook a delicious turkey meal

Los Angeles Residents Discover Russian Cuisine

Russian chefs Anatoly Kazakov and Georgy Troyan showcased contemporary Russian cuisine in the US during the “Far From Moscow” Russian culture festival

The Universal Sauce: A Recipe to Enhance Any Dish

A good sauce is the key to unlocking the flavour of any dish, yet does such a thing exist? It does, and it is named aïoli

In Monaco, Russian Cuisine Flies High

From Nov. 27 to 30, Monaco is hosting the Chefs World Summit

Moscow Chef Gets a Michelin Star

Adrian Quetglas Restaurant, located in Spain and owned by Moscow chef Adrian Quetglas, has received a Michelin star

Russian Borscht Travels to Barcelona

The second Russian Gastronomic Week (RGW) has begun in Madrid

Spaghetti à la Russe: Just Add Some Vodka and Red Caviar

Alexei Belikov, head chef at the Moscow restaurant the Food Embassy, created this bold and genuinely Russian pasta recipe