Seeds from Kremlin Christmas Tree to Be Spread Through Russian Regions

The Christmas tree erected on the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square this holiday season will be recycled for its seeds

‘Journey to Christmas’ Festival in Moscow Receives Over 12 Million Guests

Over 12 million people visited the "Journey to Christmas" Festival and almost two million people rang in the New Year on its premises

A Christmas Fairytale in Russia’s Metropolises

Check out the most magical images of wintertime in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan in our photo gallery

Russia’s ‘Main Christmas Tree’ Adorned with 800 Ornaments

The New Year tree installed on Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kremlin this season has been decorated in a retro style

Moscow to Open over 200 Christmas Tree Markets

Over 200 Christmas tree markets will traditionally be opened on the streets of the capital before the New Year

Hundred-Metre Ice Slide Opened in Centre of Moscow

An ice slide operates daily between Revolution Square and Manezhnaya Square from Dec. 16 to Jan. 15 in the heart of Moscow

Dolph Lundgren Visits Holiday Festival in Moscow

Hollywood actor, director and producer Dolph Lundgren visited the “Journey to Christmas” festival in Moscow

City of Light: Moscow Dresses Up for a Christmas Journey

In anticipation of the Christmas and the New Year’s holidays Moscow streets have been richly adorned with multiple light installations