A Peninsula of Opportunity

The Far Eastern gem Kamchatka is evolving into a major tourist destination

Competing with Nature

How Russia’s indigenous peoples move around

Beautiful Waste: Sea Creates 'Glass Beach' in Russia's Vladivostok

Sea turns thousands of bottles into colourful pebbles in the Russian Far East

More Than $20 Billion Invested in Russia’s Far East

According to Alexander Galushka, head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, investments in the region have reached 1.325 trillion roubles ($21.95 billion)

At World’s End: Top Five Most Beautiful Places in Russia’s Primorsky Region

Vladivostok, the administrative centre of the region, is known as the Far Side of the World

A Heaven on Amur River

Traveling to Russia’s Khabarovsk region and why it is impossible not to fall in love with it

Russia and China to Launch Fund for Far East Development

China and Russia have decided to establish a joint investment fund for regional development and cooperation of 100 billion yuan, which is equivalent to about $14.5 billion

Russia and Japan to Create $902 Million Investment Fund

Japan and Russia are planning to create a joint investment fund to finance major Russian infrastructural projects

Russia and Japan to Invest $16Bln in Russia’s Far East

Russia and Japan discussed the plan on intensifying economic cooperation in the Far East

Visa Regime in Russia’s Primorye Facilitated for Citizens of 18 Countries

Russia has eased the regime of entry in the port of Vladivostok for citizens of 18 states

Russia and Japan to Create Marine Agro-Fund

Yuji Yamamoto, Japan’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, proposed to create a joint Russo-Japanese agro-business platform in the Far East

It’s a Far, Far East

Why Russia’s Primorye Region will soon become a tourist magnet

Russian Scientists in Far East Make Gold from Coal

Scientists in the Far East have discovered a way to extract gold from coal, the Russian Academy of Sciences announced

The Beauty of the Far East: Russia’s Most Photogenic Peninsula

Wildlife photographer Vladimir Medvedev recently returned from Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and is in a hurry to share his footage

Russian Citizens Offered Free Land in Far East

Any Russian citizen can now receive one hectare of land in the Far East for free

Foreigners in Vladivostok to Receive Eight-Day Visa Upon Arrival

Foreign tourists arriving in Vladivostok by boat will be given a one-time electronic permit allowing them to stay for up to eight days in the region

Amur Tiger Caught on Video Crossing a Road in Primorye

The video clip was viewed more than 10,000 times the same day

Charter Flights to Sakhalin to be Organised for Japanese Tourists

Russian airline Yakutia will organise charter flights to Sakhalin for Japanese travellers starting in June 2017

Chinese Businessmen to Invest $3 Billion in Russia’s Far East

Investors from China have proposed projects for the priority development of territories in the Far East and the Free Port of Vladivostok, valued at around $3 billion

Far East Development to Be Included in Russia's State Programmes

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree introducing Far East economic indicators into all federal target and state programmes

Tiger Caught Strolling City Streets in Russia's Vladivostok

Wildlife protection officers caught a tiger walking around the city of Vladivostok

The Promise of Russia's Far East

A lack of hotels and expensive flights are impeding the growth of tourism in Russia's Far East