Former Soros Partner Calls to Invest in Russian Assets

American investor and owner of Rogers Holdings Jim Rogers stated that investments in Russian assets and agriculture will bring the highest returns in 2017

Google Buys Russian TV Series

Google has purchased the rights to broadcast the Russian TV series “Sarancha” (Locust) in the Google Play digital store

Google Founder with a Soviet Soul

Secretmag gives us the Sergey Brin back story

Russian Shazam Users Can Now Stream Music for Free

Shazam has signed an agreement with the Russian streaming music service Zvooq, which now allows Russian users to listen tracks free of charge

Moscow Zoo Can Now Be Seen on Google Street View

Internet users can now take a virtual stroll through the Moscow Zoo without leaving their home thanks to Google Street View

Google Begins Using Neural Networks Translations for Russian

Google Translate has started to use neural machine translation when translating from Russian, the company’s blog said

Google Challenges Russian Citizen Over ɢoogle.com Domain

Internet search engine Google asked a court to withdraw Russian citizen Vitaly Popov’s rights to the domain ɢoogle.com