Roscosmos to Print Organic Tissue on 3D Printers in Space

Plans have been made to print living tissue and organs on board the International Space Station (ISS)

Antares Rocket with Russian Engine to Take Off this Autumn

American Antares rocket equipped with Russian RD-181 engine will be launched for the first time on Sept. 12 this year

Russia and US to Work Together on Reducing Space Mission Risks

The Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Biomedical Problems is developing a scientific programme for a series of tests on insulation to safeguard ISS

Roscosmos: Traces of Extraterrestrial Life May Be Found on ISS

Traces of extraterrestrial life may be found on the outer casing of the International Space Station (ISS)

Russia Designs Reusable Spacecraft for Moon Flights

A reusable spacecraft, named Ryvok, designed to carry cosmonauts and supplies to the moon, has been designed in Russia

Energia Plans to Send the First Russian to the Moon in 2031

According to RSC Energia General Director Vladimir Solntsev, the corporation intends to take the first Russian to the Moon in 2031

ISS Visible to Naked Eye in Moscow Sky in February

The International Space Station, or ISS, will be visible in the Moscow sky this month, according to a report by the Moskva news agency

ISS to Simulate Coldest Place in Universe in 2017

The International Space Station, or ISS, plans to conduct an experiment on cold atoms by simulating the coldest part of the universe

Russia's RSC Energia to Create a Robot for Open Space

RSC Energia has initiated experimental design works for the creation a space robot that will assist astronauts during spacewalks

Artificial Gravity to Appear on Russian-Developed ISS Module

The new Russian-developed module of the International Space Station, or ISS, will be equipped with a centrifuge to create artificial gravity