Russian Figure Skater Dances as Sailor Moon on Japanese TV

Evgenia Medvedeva - a champion in figure skating and an anime lover confessed her affection to Japanese cartoon art once again

Japan’s Softbank CEO Calls Russia ‘Second Interest’ After US

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Japan and the activities of the Russian-Japanese Business Council have piqued Japanese businesses’ interest in working in Russia

Tokyo Airport Now Selling Canned ‘Borscht’

Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport has begun selling a borscht substitute, according to the Facebook page of the Embassy of Japan in Russia

Japan's Seko: Deals with Russia Are Win-Win

Hiroshige Seko, Japan’s Minister for Economic Cooperation with Russia, said that deals signed with Russia are “win-win,” according to Reuters

Russia and Japan to Create $902 Million Investment Fund

Japan and Russia are planning to create a joint investment fund to finance major Russian infrastructural projects

‘Russian Lilacs Have Replaced Cherry Blossoms for Me’

A Japanese student talks about Russia's fried sushi and clingy girls

Russia and Japan to Increase Life Expectancy in Russia

Russia and Japan are working together to develop a plan that will increase life expectancy in Russia by improving healthcare and creating more comfortable living conditions

Russia and Japan to Invest $16Bln in Russia’s Far East

Russia and Japan discussed the plan on intensifying economic cooperation in the Far East

Russia and Japan to Create Marine Agro-Fund

Yuji Yamamoto, Japan’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, proposed to create a joint Russo-Japanese agro-business platform in the Far East

Russia, Japan May Develop Tourism on Kuril Islands

The ambitious joint programme will include tours to both Russian and Japanese islands

Russia and Japan to Ease Visa Regime on Jan. 1

Starting Jan. 1, 2017, the visa regime between Russia and Japan will be simplified

Putin’s Canine Companion and Other Animals

Reindeers, horses, dogs and tigers – Gazeta.ru put together a photo gallery of President Putin pictured with his multiple animal friends

Japan Ready to Spend $29 Million on Cooperation with Russia in 2017

The Government of Japan has approved the budget for the new fiscal year, which includes 3.5 billion yen ($29 million) on economic cooperation with Russia

Impressionist Works from Moscow’s Pushkin Museum to Be Displayed in Japan, Spain

Impressionist paintings from the collection of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts will be displayed in Japan and Spain

Japanese Banks, JP Morgan to Give Gazprom €800 Million Loan

Mizuho Bank, the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and J.P. Morgan will give Gazprom a four-year loan worth €800 million

Charter Flights to Sakhalin to be Organised for Japanese Tourists

Russian airline Yakutia will organise charter flights to Sakhalin for Japanese travellers starting in June 2017

Russia and Japan to Ease Visa Requirements

Russia and Japan have agreed to facilitate visa requirements in order to promote tourism as part of the economic cooperation plan

‘In Russia, Food and Beauty Products are Essential’

An interview with Laurent Abadie, Chairman of the Board of Panasonic Europe, and Junichi Suzuki, General Director of Panasonic Russia

Eating Siberia: Food Considered Russian in Japan

Masayuki Kawagishi shares a list of foods that are considered Russian in Japan

Japan Draws Near the Russian Arctic

Japanese can get up to 5% in Novatek’s Arctic-LNG

CarPrice Online Used Cars Auction Opens Doors in Japan

Russian online second hand car auction company CarPrice has opened a Japanese branch in Tokyo, according to a company press release