Scientists Discover Russia’s Oldest Temple

An ancient Phanagoria dig in the Temryuk region of Krasnodar has uncovered Russia’s oldest temple

Survey Reveals Hotel Wi-Fi Coverage in Russia

Experts at the tourist service OneTwoTrip have named Krasnodar as the Russian city with the highest proportion of hotels providing Wi-Fi access

Stavropol Named the Most Well-Maintained City in Russia

Stavropol has been officially acknowledged as Russia’s most well-maintained city, the website of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers reports

Wining and Dining in the South of Russia

The South Russian resort Abrau-Dyurso makes its debut as host of the O, Da! Eda! food festival

France Leads the Way With Post-Sanctions Trade

Russia and France seek to rebuild economic ties after Ukraine

Where to Holiday on the Sea of Azov?

We decided to explore in detail Russia's forgotten tourist destination and tell you exactly why it is worth visiting, how much it costs and how to get there

Crimea Hopes to Compete With Krasnodar Region in Tourism

Crimean authorities have decided to compete with Krasnodar region resorts by lowering their prices to make the resort more attractive for tourists, RIA Novosti news agency reported Wednesday

Vertical Tanning in Russia's South

Tourists warned of expected summer overcrowding in Krasnodar region resorts

Russian Cities Among Top 100 With Best Hotels

Russia has made it into the top six of the 100 cities with the best hotels