Wonderful Future ‘Inevitable’ for Russia, Says Mr. Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Russia is going to have a bright future

Swatch Dedicates Watches to Moscow and St. Petersburg

Swiss watchmaker Swatch has added a new model to its Destination watch collection that is dedicated to Russian cities, a brand spokesperson told Lenta.ru

Moscow to Open Bicycle Lanes on 23 Central Streets

Moscow is planning to pave bicycle lanes on the streets that were renovated in 2016 during the “My Street” project

Moscow Kremlin to Open Online Shop

Administrative Directorate of the President is testing its online shop “Kremlin Quality”

‘Tourist Cards’ for Moscow and St. Petersburg Museums Go on Sale

A Russian city guide Voxxter in collaboration with MasterCard presented the PassCity tourist card for visiting museums

A Window Onto History

The Middle Ages, today: what can you see through the new viewing platforms inside the Moscow Kremlin?

How Close Are You to the Kremlin?

Two Moscow natives have developed a map that calculates the precise distance from any city point to the Kremlin, the Garden Ring and Boulevard Ring and Moscow Ring Road

Moscow Kremlin to Host Exhibit of Artefacts and Open Underground Museum

The locally unearthed artefacts, found on the site of a demolished building inside the Kremlin, will be showcased in a special exhibition

The Fortress of White Stone

Some 200 years ago, Russia's oldest landmark, the Kremlin, looked completely different

Kremlin Plans to Sell Goods Under its Own Brand by April

The Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation is preparing to sell products starting in early April under the brand 'Kremlevskoye Kachestvo'

Wine for the Upper Crust

Even the rich and powerful enjoy eating and drinking, just like everybody else

Archaeology Museum to Open in Moscow Kremlin

Tourists will be able to see archaeological objects in their historic locations

Seeds from Kremlin Christmas Tree to Be Spread Through Russian Regions

The Christmas tree erected on the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square this holiday season will be recycled for its seeds

Kremlin Would Welcome Kissinger’s Part in US Talks

According to the Press Secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin considers Kissinger a savvy politician with profound knowledge of US-Russian relations

Russia’s ‘Main Christmas Tree’ Adorned with 800 Ornaments

The New Year tree installed on Cathedral Square in the Moscow Kremlin this season has been decorated in a retro style

The Kremlin Clock Is Still Chiming After 310 Years

Exactly 310 years ago today, Moscow residents woke up at 9 am to the ringing of the Kremlin Clock for the very first time

Puzzling Moscow GPS Anomaly

How the Kremlin blocks GPS signals and steers you to the airport

The Debutante's Battalion

What it is like to live in a boarding school for girls run by the Russian Ministry of Defence

Gandalf Visits Moscow

Renowned British actor Sir Ian McKellen took a tour of the Russian capital, including a ride on the famous Moscow Metro

Citadel, Castle, Kremlin: Russia's Mighty Fortresses

Rambler.Travel brings the most stunning, powerful and romantic Russian fortresses into the spotlight

Moscow’s Nine Best Lookout Points

Rambler.Travel shares the best Moscow panoramic views

Uncovering The Kremlin

What archeologists found at the bottom of Moscow’s heart