Rusnano and Fortum to Invest $530 Million in Wind Power in Russia

Russia’s Rusnano in collaboration with Finnish Fortum energy company is launching a wind power development fund

Rusnano Launches 73 Plants in Russia's Regions Over the Past Nine Years

During the first nine years of its operation Rusnano has launched a total of 73 production facilities across 32 regions

Russia’s Pilkington Plant to Export Nano-coated Glass

The Pilkington Glass plant in Russia, part of the SP Glass Group and a portfolio company of Rusnano, has been exporting nano-coated glass to Dubai, Lebanon, Ireland and Australia

Russian Carbon Nanotubes Account for 80% of the Global Market

The launch of industrial production of single-walled carbon nanotubes has allowed Russia to occupy 80% of the global market

Rusnano and Chinese Partners Set Up $500 Million Fund

Rusnano and the Chinese Zhongrong Trust International Co. are to set up a $500 million fund devoted to the transfer of technology to Russia