Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Sberbank to Create Alibaba Analogue

This summer, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, or MED, and Sberbank will begin working together on a Russian Internet trading site

Russia's Sberbank Outperforms Goldman Sachs’ Brand Valuation

Sberbank outperformed Goldman Sachs’ brand value in the Brand Finance Banking 500, according to the bank. Sberbank’s brand value grew by 33% in 2016, reaching $9.1 billion

Russia's Largest Bank Predicts Influx of Migrants Due to Economic Growth

The influx of migrants in Russia will increase in 2017 if the economy continues to recover, according to a report by Sberbank CIB analysts

Sberbank and Tatarstan Present the First Cash-Free City in Russia

Sberbank and the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan have opened the first “cash-free” and “contactless” city in Russia

Forbes Names Russia’s Most Trustworthy Banks

The top three spots were taken by Sberbank, UniCredit and Rosbank

Value of Largest Russian Companies Increases by 58 Percent

The market capitalisation of the top one hundred most valuable Russian public companies had grown by 58% by the end of 2016 to $635 billion

Moscow TsUM Store Launches Cashier-Less Checkout

Moscow’s TsUM (Central Universal Department Store) teamed up with Sberbank in the implementation of a new cashier-less way for customers to pay for their purchases

Sberbank to Test Islamic Banking Pilot Programme in Tatarstan

Sberbank bank is planning on opening transaction windows for Islamic banking in several Tatarstan locations, with Bashkortostan being another area of interest

Russia’s Sberbank Establishes New Fund to Invest in Startups

Russia's Sberbank plans on creating a second venture fund for financing startups worldwide

Samsung Pay Now Available for Members of Russia's Sberbank

Starting today, Sberbank customers who use MasterCard can now use the Samsung Pay mobile payment service

Russia's Sberbank Aspires to Create a Marketplace Similar to Alibaba

Sberbank is planning on creating an e-commerce platform similar to those of Alibaba and Amazon in Russia

Sberbank Issues First ‘Mir’ Cards

Russia’s Sberbank has begun issuing “Mir” national payment system cards

Post-Bank World

The new age of encryption, revolutionising finance in Russia and across the globe

Sberbank Makes Uber Investment

Sberbank’s SBT Venture Fund has invested in the online taxi service Uber

Herman Gref: It’s Crucial Russia Doesn’t Pass Up Blockchain Technology

The chairman of one of Russia’s biggest banks has announced his support for Blockchain technology, naming it as crucial for Russia’s future success