Russian, Chinese Defence Ministries Plan ‘Huge Events’ This Year

Russia and China Defence Ministries are planning to hold large-scale joint events in 2017

Tanks, Soldiers Deployed to Red Square for Victory Day Parade

Today, Russia and post-Soviet republics marked the 72nd anniversary of USSR’s victory in the Great Patriotic War with large-scale parades, concerts and festivities

New Train Connects Moscow and Vladivostok

A specially designed train marking the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway started running the famous route from Moscow to Vladivostok

Shoigu: Russia’s Military Exercise Pose No Threat to Neighbouring Countries

The performance of military training exercises by Russian armed forces pose no threat to neighbouring countries

Russia Against Arms Race, Says Sergey Shoigu

Russia is against an arms race, said Russia’s Defence Minister, Sergey Shoigu, addressing the Fifth Moscow Conference on International Security

Arctic Expeditionary Forces

Russia reinforces its military presence in the polar region