Moscow to Host Master Class from Creators of 'Sherlock' Series

The event will be held at the DI Telegraph co-working space on Jan. 16

Google Buys Russian TV Series

Google has purchased the rights to broadcast the Russian TV series “Sarancha” (Locust) in the Google Play digital store

Secrets of the Soviets

Burgers, bars, convertibles, electric toothbrushes and reality television – can they really have been completely unknown in Russia before the 1990s?

The Russian Inventor of the Television

Seventy-six years ago, a Russian immigrant received a patent for the television

Amazon Prime Video Is Now Available in Russia

The Amazon Prime Video streaming service is now available in more than 200 countries around the world, including Russia

‘Masha and the Bear’ Pulls Ahead of Adele on YouTube

An episode of the "Masha and the Bear" animated series now has more views on YouTube than Adele's music video for her song "Hello"

Construction Began on Ostankino Tower 56 Years Ago

Construction of Ostankino Tower, which was Europe’s tallest building when built, began 56 years ago on Sept. 27

Russian ‘Netflix’ for Overseas

Tvzavr CEO talks piracy, fees and the future of cinema

The Head of Mosfilm on the State of the Russian Film Industry

Karen Shakhnazarov, head of Mosfilm studios, talks about creating a film centre, the attitude of foreigners towards the Russian film industry, and why making a movie about Putin is not a priority

Baking Dornish Flatbread from Game of Thrones

Livejournal user Brahmanden shares the Dornish snack modified recipe

War and Peace Hits UK Bestseller List After BBC Adaptation

Leo Tolstoy's epic novel War and Peace has made it onto the British bestseller’s chart

Gazprom Media Launches Nine New Off-Air Sports Channels

Gazprom Media holding co. will soon launch nine new sports channels as part of its sub-holding company Match TV