Pamela Anderson Promises Melania Trump a Russian Eco-Fur Coat

American actress, model and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson wants to give US first lady Melania Trump a Russian faux fur coat

Lavrov: Russia Ready for Constructive Dialogue with US

The Russian Foreign Ministry hopes for a constructive dialogue with the new US administration

Russian IT Agency to Register ‘Covfefe’ Brand

An Internet agency LED based in Russia’s St. Petersburg plans to register a “covfefe” trademark

Lavrov Calls Trump’s Relations with Russia ‘Consistent’

Before and after the elections, President of the United States Donald Trump claimed that he wants to have “normal relations” with Russia

Trump to Register Slogan ‘Keep America Great!’ in Russia

The Trump Organisation, the company owned by US President Donald Trump, has filed a claim with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property

Trump Calls on US to Focus on Internal Affairs Instead of Imposing Sanctions on Russia

US President-elect Donald Trump said "we ought to get on with our lives"

Putin Named World’s Most Powerful Person by Forbes for Fourth Time

Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again at the top of Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful people

Russian T-Shirt Makers Strike Gold with Trump

The rapid emergence of Trump-related brands in Russia

Trump Adviser Sees Potential for Better Relations Between Russia, US

Carter Page thinks there is a great potential for the development of relations between Russia and the US

Russia Will Benefit from Trump’s Trade Decisions – Analysts

Russia and China may increase their world trade share if Donald Trump lives up to his promise to scrap the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Gold iPhone Case with Portrait of Trump Released in Russia

Russian company Caviar has made a gold iPhone 7 case with US President-elect Donald Trump’s portrait on it

Trump and Russian Stars

US President-elect Donald Trump has a longstanding relationship with Russia – but perhaps not in the same sense in which his opponents from the Democratic Party do

Russia’s Ryazan Mulls Renaming Street After Trump

A petition to rename the 2nd Bezbozhnaya (Godless) street in Ryazan has appeared on the website Change.org

Trump Victory Sees Spike in US Demand for Flights to Russia

According to Kayak.ru tourist services, US travellers began to search much more actively for flights to Russia after Donald Trump’s victory

Donald Trump Joins the Matryoshka Family

Matryoshka dolls with the face of US President-elect Donald Trump are now available for sale in central Moscow

Trump ‘Willing to Make Friends’

After winning the election, President-elect Donald Trump promised to establish good relations with other countries

What Trump’s Victory Means for Russia and Europe

Russia expects relations’ reboot from Trump’s victory in the first place. European leaders, on the other hand, did not expect Donald Trump to win the US presidential election

Putin Congratulates US President-Elect Trump on Victory

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated Donald Trump on his victory in the US presidential election

Bloomberg: Clinton Victory Could Strengthen Russian Rouble

The Russian rouble may strengthen if Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate for the US presidency, wins today’s election

Poll: Russians and Chinese Show Biggest Support for Trump

Russia, China and the US showed the largest number of people who would vote for Trump