Moscow Through the Eyes of Invincible Comic Book Superheroes

Of course Superman, who is almost 100 years old, and some other characters of popular comic books visited Russia – we investigated several stories set in Moscow

25 Years Without the USSR: What We Lost

Faceted glasses, pompous hairstyles and futuristic petrol stations: browse our photo gallery to see what went down in history with the collapse of the USSR

Secrets of the Soviets

Burgers, bars, convertibles, electric toothbrushes and reality television – can they really have been completely unknown in Russia before the 1990s?

Post-Industrial: Moscow Factories Gain a New Lease of Life

A celection of numerous Moscow factories and plants that have now become home to business centres, lofts and museums

Soviet Nostalgia on a Plate

Today, MOSLENTA takes you on a tour of the Moscow cafes and restaurants which are recreating the atmosphere of the USSR through their design and menus

Moscow Metro Reopens Historic Cafe

The Buffet No. 11 cafe in the Arbatskaya metro station in Moscow reopened on Dec. 27

‘Paper,’ ‘Potato’ and ‘The Railroad’: Books of Soviet Children

How little ones in the early USSR used to learn what is good and what is bad

Totally Not Top Secret

Where to observe previously top-secret Cold War artifacts in Moscow

Five Abandoned Ghost Towns in Russia and the Former Soviet Union

As huge cities are expanding and flourishing, some of Russian small towns appear and then fade away, crumbling into dust

‘‘Russianness’ Is Admirable’

The former Director of the US Office of Soviet Union Affairs speaks about Soviet nostalgia and the “Russian world”

Russia to Discard Soyuz-U Rockets

The last launch of the Soviet rocket Soyuz-U is planned for February 2017

Russian Drivers Summited One of World’s Highest Roads in Soviet Volgas

Members of the Sunrise expedition left Moscow driving two GAZ-24 Volga cars and summited one of the world’s highest roads

‘Battle of Moscow’ Exhibition Marks Anniversary of Soviet Army's Crucial Victory

The exhibition dedicated to the offensive near Moscow opened on Poklonnaya Gora

‘War and Myths’ Exhibition Opens at Moscow Manege

Two exhibitions commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Moscow were opened simultaneously at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall

The Incredible Adventures of Americans in Moscow

In 1961, American TV journalists filmed scenes taken from the daily lives of ordinary Muscovites

Linking Two Capitals

Russia's October Railway opened 165 years ago

Moscow to Host ‘Thaw’ Exhibition About US-Russia Relations

The “Thaw” exhibition will open on Nov. 16 at the Factory creative industries centre in Moscow

Moscow Celebrates 75th Anniversary of 1941 Parade

On Monday, Nov. 7, Russian soldiers marched on Moscow’s Red Square to commemorate the legendary military parade of 1941

GULAG History Museum: Come and See

On Oct. 30, Russia marked the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Political Repression

A Report From a Closed City

A special correspondent at Lenta.ru visited one of the most classified enterprises in Russia

‘Crimson Jackets Felt Out of Their Element Here’

Moscow’s first expat nightclub celebrates its 25th anniversary