Five Abandoned Ghost Towns in Russia and the Former Soviet Union

As huge cities are expanding and flourishing, some of Russian small towns appear and then fade away, crumbling into dust

Snack Station

What the legendary retro-canteen inside the Moscow Metro is really like

Story from the Underground

Eighty-two years ago, one of the world's most beautiful subway systems was launched in Moscow with only one line and 13 stations

The Enigma of an Old Castle: 245 Years of Butyrka Prison

A tale of Butyrka’s first prisoners, tricks of Houdini and a prison-hotel

Aerobatics-Inspired Bentley Model on Sale in Moscow

Luxury carmaker Bentley has launched the limited series Continental GT V8 S Kobra Edition II, an exclusive model that is only sold in the Russian capital

Google Founder with a Soviet Soul

Secretmag gives us the Sergey Brin back story

Tanks, Soldiers Deployed to Red Square for Victory Day Parade

Today, Russia and post-Soviet republics marked the 72nd anniversary of USSR’s victory in the Great Patriotic War with large-scale parades, concerts and festivities

Russia Celebrates Labour Day

A reminiscent of the Soviet era eulogising the Worker and his toil for the good of the motherland, 1st May is still widely celebrated in modern day Russia

From Cafes to Cities: Twelve Greatest Modernist Projects of USSR

We continue to explore the world of stark, romantic and underrated Soviet architecture


The city that lives in the name, memory and time of the first cosmonaut

Secrets of the Soviets

Burgers, bars, convertibles, electric toothbrushes and reality television – can they really have been completely unknown in Russia before the 1990s?

How USSR Invented Smart House, Apple Watch and Google Glass Prototypes

Over the course of the past several years, there has been a growing interest in the legacy of Soviet design

The Incredible Adventures of Americans in Moscow

In 1961, American TV journalists filmed scenes taken from the daily lives of ordinary Muscovites

Russian Designers Recreate Iconic Sneakers

Russian designers have brought back to life the hip Soviet-era Dva Myacha canvas shoes

Solzhenitsyn Monument to Be Erected in Moscow

A monument to writer and Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn is to be erected in Moscow

Russians Back Soviet Union Economic Model, Poll Shows

The majority of Russians prefer the state-planned economic model offered by the Soviet Union

Moscow’s Seven Sisters: Ten Myths and Facts

Fascinating facts about the Stalinist skyscrapers (aka the Seven Sisters) in Moscow

Soviet Polar Observatory to Welcome First Visitors

The polar station on Franz Josef Land will be open for public, the Lenta.ru news website reported on Monday, March 27

The Charm of Illegal Art: The History of Russian Graffiti

The timeline of the history of Russian graffiti from New-York heritage to patriotic discourses