Competing with Nature

How Russia’s indigenous peoples move around

Yakutian Man Discovers Mammoth Tusks in His Garden

A resident from a village in Yakutia region has unearthed tusks which presumably belonged to a steppe mammoth

Eighty-Carat Diamond Unearthed in Russia’s Yakutia

A diamond weighing 83.5 carats was mined at the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant (GOK) of the Alrosa company in Yakutia

The Children of Middle Earth

An almost-extinct northern tribe tries to save its culture

Reviving the Russian Bison

Once considered all but extinct, bison are returning to Russia: report from a Yakutian bison nursery

Altai Voted Best Russian Region for Adventure Tourism

Readers of National Geographic chose Altai Krai as the best destination for adventure tours in Russia

Two Men Complete Bike Ride from Moscow to Yakutia

The two travelers, Nikolai Pavlov and Alexander Vigandt, rode their bicycles all the way from Moscow to Yakutia in the Sakha Republic

Deer Country

Why Yakutia is this year’s best travel destination

Ten Military Airfields to Be Built in Russian Arctic

Infrastructure in the Far North, Siberia and Far East regions is currently being developed to serve over 20,000 military personnel and their families

The Frozen Art of Dunya Zakharova

Russian fashion artist's new exhibit entitled “-77.8°C” showcases paintings, graphics and sculptures she created to reflect the piercing cold of Yakutia

A 10,000-Kilometre Bike Odyssey

How two adventurers and their dog crossed Russia

Yakutsk’s ‘Man of the Year’ Awarded with Bottle of Vodka

…but it turned out that the winner does not drink

Suspects Arrested in Yakutia for Stealing Mammoth Tusks

Suspects who stole mammoth tusks worth over $173,000 were detained in Yakutia

Russia’s First Cloned Service Dogs to Work in Yakutia

Two dogs cloned in South Korea’s Sooam laboratories to serve in Russia's Yakutia

What’s Up With Batsaap?

WhatsApp brings electronic democracy, reindeer meat and photos of cats to Yakutian users

Hitch-Hiking Through Kolyma

How to get from from Yakutsk to Magadan and survive

The Permafrost Kingdom

The Republic of Yakutia, infamous as one of the coldest places on Earth, has long been home to diamond mines and woolly mammoths

Flights from Russia to Alaska Now Available

Weekly direct flights between Russia and Alaska are available on Mondays from July 11 and will continue through to August 29 by Yakutia Air

Tom Hanks to Help Disabled Russian Run Worldwide Ultramarathon

Hollywood star Tom Hanks has expressed his desire to help 68-year-old Piotr Naumov from Yakutia to run a worldwide ultramarathon

Ethnic Fast Food in Russia

What kind of dishes are served at local non-touristy restaurants and how grocery stores in Siberia differ from those in Moscow or Kamchatka? Answers in the Livejournal Magazine review

Infernal Quarry, Buran and Other Soviet Engineering Marvels

From the Ostankino Tower and the Motherland Calls statue to Soviet nuclear-powered icebreakers – underneath the magnificence of these buildings some subtle but important details become lost

Where Does the Force Awaken?

Five of the most famous places of power in Russia