Moscow Zoo to Start Eco Tours to Local Nature Reserves

The Moscow Zoo and Moscow’s Department of Culture are planning to start an eco tour programme for Moscow and its surroundings

WWF Russia Chooses Seven Most Interesting Protected Areas

The World Wildlife Fund, or WWF, in Russia has chosen the seven most interesting protected areas in the country

Russia Becomes One of the Top Destinations to Explore Polar Bears

The experts at Lonely Planet have included Wrangel Island in Russia in its list of the top five destinations where tourists can see polar bears in the wild

‘Archie Prefers to Sleep on Something Soft’

What it's like to live with a fox in a Russian apartment

Tatarstan Organises Heating Sites for Stray Cats

Heated cages for stray cats will be installed in the basements of residential buildings in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan

Moscow Zoo to Offer English-Language Tours

In February 2017, the Moscow Zoo will start offering guided tours in English

Putin’s Canine Companion and Other Animals

Reindeers, horses, dogs and tigers – Gazeta.ru put together a photo gallery of President Putin pictured with his multiple animal friends

A Life-Saving Ice Dip

A man rescued a dog that fell through the ice in Crimea

Amur Tiger Caught on Video Crossing a Road in Primorye

The video clip was viewed more than 10,000 times the same day

British Conservationist Flies into United Kingdom with Swans from Russia

British conservationist and ornithologist Sasha Dench has concluded her flight from Russia on a powered paraglider (paramotor)

Penguin Goes for a Swim in Central St. Petersburg

A penguin took a plunge into the Fontanka River in the centre of St. Petersburg

Cat Stuck in Ice Rescued in Russia's Chelyabinsk

Russian winters are so cold that cats' paws get stuck in the ice

Russia’s First Cloned Service Dogs to Work in Yakutia

Two dogs cloned in South Korea’s Sooam laboratories to serve in Russia's Yakutia

Neural Nets App to Find Lost Pets Presented in St. Petersburg

The 3bots team developed an application for the VK social network that can help find lost cats and dogs based on their photos

Dwellers of Russia's Frosty North

Fascinating portraits of Arctic wildlife captured by Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov

Tambov Wolf Selected as Official New Year Symbol in Russia

Russia has selected the Tambov Wolf as the official symbol of the forthcoming New Year celebrations

Home Where Buffalo Roam: Animal Farms of Moscow Region

Rambler.Travel presents the top five unusual one-day tours that offer both a perfect opportunity to relax and the chance to see some truly amazing animals

Foxes Cause Mischief at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

A pair of foxes caused trouble for a plane landing at Sheremetyevo

Tiger Caught Strolling City Streets in Russia's Vladivostok

Wildlife protection officers caught a tiger walking around the city of Vladivostok

Jaguarondis Arrive at Moscow Zoo

The Moscow Zoo has recently welcomed the arrival of jaguarondis – small wildcats of the puma genus with reddish-brown coats