Arctic Wisdom: 'If No One Dies on an Expedition,Then It’s Already a Success'

A renowned Russian polar explorer shares his story of surviving at the North Pole

Capturing Russia’s Northern Beauty

Why artists and musicians can’t help falling in love with the North Pole

The Nuclear Arctic

The story behind Russia’s northernmost nuclear power station

Arctic Village Joins List of Russia’s Most Beautiful Locales

Kimzha, a village located in the northern part of the Arkhangelsk Region, has been listed as one of the most beautiful villages in Russia

Indigenous Peoples Celebration to Take Place in Moscow

A celebration of the indigenous peoples of the Arctic will take place in Moscow on Feb. 20, according to a statement issued by Greenpeace Russia

Whale Tourism in the Russian Arctic

A weekend in the new capital of Arctic tourism: get your prices right

As Far as It Gets

A brief guide to the wonders of Northern Russia

Russia's Murmansk to Host Arctic Circle’s First International AV Festival

Inversia, the first international audiovisual festival above the Arctic Circle, will take place in Murmansk from Feb. 2 to 4

Russia Becomes One of the Top Destinations to Explore Polar Bears

The experts at Lonely Planet have included Wrangel Island in Russia in its list of the top five destinations where tourists can see polar bears in the wild

Arctic Delights

High-end cuisine of Russia's Far North

St. Petersburg Travellers to Venture out to the Arctic on an Inflatable Catamaran

Russian travellers are planning to brave the elements and venture out to the Arctic on an inflatable catamaran

Rosneft and Gazprom Overachieved on 2016 Plan for Shelf Exploration Work – Report

Rosneft and Gazprom have overachieved on their 2016 plans for Arctic shelf exploration, said Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment

Dwellers of Russia's Frosty North

Fascinating portraits of Arctic wildlife captured by Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov

More than 90 Percent of Deposits on Russia’s Arctic Shelf Still Undiscovered – Report

The potential percentage of undiscovered oil and gas in Russia’s Arctic shelf is possibly as high as 91%, according to Russian Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment

A Cold Dip for Climate Change

The story of how one extreme swimmer helped Russia and the US reach an agreement

Poles Apart

The peoples of the Far North have developed unique biological mechanisms to adapt to extreme climates

Russia's Plans on Ice

Who will stop Russia from claiming the Arctic?

From Volga to Yenisei: Five Unique Places in Russia

There are hundreds of breath-taking sites in Russia – majestic lakes, impenetrable fortresses, gentle valleys and rugged mountains. Rambler.Travel takes you on a tour of the most fascinating places on the Russian map

The Arctic Lenin

The construction of the first Soviet nuclear-powered icebreaker began 60 years ago

How Franz Josef Land Became a Russian Territory

The story of the geographical discovery and the struggle for control of the archipelago

Notes From an Abandoned Soviet Arctic Settlement

A monument to Lenin, a portrait of Tatyana Drubich, mosaic panes featuring a bear and other Soviet design achievements within the abandoned mining settlement on Spitsbergen