Russia's New Two Hundred-Rouble Banknotes to Be Made From Durable Paper

The new 200-rouble ($3.46) banknotes will be made from durable paper in order to extend their longevity

World Bank Praises Russia for Budget Openness

In terms of openness level and budgetary data quality - Russia outstripped Germany and Italy in 2015

Russia's Sberbank Outperforms Goldman Sachs’ Brand Valuation

Sberbank outperformed Goldman Sachs’ brand value in the Brand Finance Banking 500, according to the bank. Sberbank’s brand value grew by 33% in 2016, reaching $9.1 billion

Japan’s Softbank CEO Calls Russia ‘Second Interest’ After US

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Japan and the activities of the Russian-Japanese Business Council have piqued Japanese businesses’ interest in working in Russia

Russian Rouble Named ‘Star’ of Foreign Exchange Market

The Russian currency is now a star of the foreign exchange market thanks to the growth of oil quotes

Russia and Japan to Create $902 Million Investment Fund

Japan and Russia are planning to create a joint investment fund to finance major Russian infrastructural projects

Forbes Names Russia’s Most Trustworthy Banks

The top three spots were taken by Sberbank, UniCredit and Rosbank

Russia’s Non-Resource Exports Increase to Almost 40%

The share of non-resource, non-energy exports from Russia rose to 38.2% last year, according to RNS, citing data from the Russian Export Centre

Russian Banks’ Profit Grows by One Trillion Roubles

Russian banks earned 930 billion roubles ($15.7 billion) in 2016, a 480% increase from 2015’s profits of 192 billion roubles ($3.24 billion)

Japanese Banks, JP Morgan to Give Gazprom €800 Million Loan

Mizuho Bank, the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and J.P. Morgan will give Gazprom a four-year loan worth €800 million

Fitch, S&P and Moody's Consider Opening Offices in Russia

The “Big Three” credit rating agencies are considering opening branches in Russia, said the First Deputy Chairman of Russia's Central Bank

Skolkovo IT Company Protects Banks From Fraud

In 2015, Russian banks saved over $62.5 million thanks to a biometric verification and identification fraud prevention system

Major Chinese Bank Permitted to Work with Russian Depositors

The Bank of Russia issued a license to work with individuals’ deposits to the Russian division of the ICBC, one of the largest credit organisations of China

Russia’s Sberbank Establishes New Fund to Invest in Startups

Russia's Sberbank plans on creating a second venture fund for financing startups worldwide

Samsung Pay Now Available for Members of Russia's Sberbank

Starting today, Sberbank customers who use MasterCard can now use the Samsung Pay mobile payment service

Sberbank Issues First ‘Mir’ Cards

Russia’s Sberbank has begun issuing “Mir” national payment system cards

Russia 40th in World Bank’s Doing Business Rankings

Russia has climbed 11 points from its position last year in the World Bank’s ranking for ease of doing business in 2017, coming 40th place

Russia Today's Bank Accounts in UK Closed by Court Decision

Bank accounts in the UK for RT, the media outlet formerly known as Russia Today, were closed by a court order

Russian Net Capital Outflow Decreased Five-fold – Central Bank

Net capital outflow from Russia has decreased five-fold since the beginning of the year, down to $9.6 billion

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