World Bank Praises Russia for Budget Openness

In terms of openness level and budgetary data quality - Russia outstripped Germany and Italy in 2015

Foreign Investors Buy 95% of Russian 30-Year Eurobonds

Foreign investors became the main buyers of Russian Eurobonds issued on June 20, 2017

More Than $20 Billion Invested in Russia’s Far East

According to Alexander Galushka, head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, investments in the region have reached 1.325 trillion roubles ($21.95 billion)

Russia’s Roscosmos to Spend $6 Billion on Cosmodromes

Russian State Space Corporation is planning to allocate about 340 billion roubles ($6 billion) on development programme for cosmodromes

European Commission Improves Economic Forecast for Russia

The European Commission (EC) improved the forecast for Russia’s GDP growth in 2017 from 0.8% to 1.2%

Russia’s Reserves Show $3 Billion Hike in April

Russia's foreign exchange (or gold and currency) reserves increased by $3.09 billion in a month (from April 1 to May 1) and reached a volume of $400.99 billion

Bloomberg Predicts Russian Economic Growth in 2017

Russia's GDP will grow by 1.1% this year and by another 1.5% the year after, according to a survey of analysts conducted by Bloomberg

RDIF Positive Russia’s Economy Will See Growth in 2017

Russia's economy is predicted to bounce back in the first quarter of this year

Japan Ready to Spend $29 Million on Cooperation with Russia in 2017

The Government of Japan has approved the budget for the new fiscal year, which includes 3.5 billion yen ($29 million) on economic cooperation with Russia

Russia Tops China in Emerging Markets Rankings

Russia finished second in Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s emerging markets rankings

Putin Orders Plan to Boost Economic Growth Through 2025

Putin has ordered to create a plan that would bring the growth rate of Russia’s economy to levels exceeding global growth by 2019-2020

Fitch, S&P and Moody's Consider Opening Offices in Russia

The “Big Three” credit rating agencies are considering opening branches in Russia, said the First Deputy Chairman of Russia's Central Bank

Citi: Russia May Borrow as Cheaply as Before Sanctions, Even with Oil at $120

Rates for the Russian sovereign debt have reached their pre-crisis levels, says Blazej Dankowski, Head of Debt Capital Markets in Russia and Kazakhstan

Medvedev: Russia Cannot Afford to Live in Debt Forever

The budget deficit should be cautiously reduced, and Russia cannot afford to constantly increase its foreign debt, said Medvedev