Four Russians Make Trip from St. Petersburg to Gambia by Old Russian Car

Four residents of Tomsk took a trip to Europe and Africa in an old Russian VAZ-2106 automobile, TV channel 360 reported on Jan. 18.

Uber and Gett May Introduce Monthly Passes in Moscow

Taxi services Uber and Gett may introduce a new monthly pass service in Moscow

Renault Starts Exporting Russian-Produced Car Bodies for Logan

Renault has started exporting Russian-produced car bodies for their Logan model to Algeria

Self-driving Trucks to Appear on Moscow Roads in 2017

Light commercial GAZel and Hyundai models will transport goods autonomously but under the supervision of a person

Toyota Adds a Night Shift at Its Russian Factory Amid Market Stabilisation

The company has decided to take this step due to increased demand for its flagship models, the RAV4 and Camry

Russian Drivers Summited One of World’s Highest Roads in Soviet Volgas

Members of the Sunrise expedition left Moscow driving two GAZ-24 Volga cars and summited one of the world’s highest roads

Number of Electric Vehicles in Russia to Grow to 200,000 by 2020

The Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak believes that the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in Russia could grow to 200,000 by 2020

Bentley Releases Exclusive Cars for Russia

Bentley Motors has announced the release of two new car series exclusively for the Russian market that are based on the Continental GT V8 model

Muscovites’ Favourite Car Revealed

In October, the Hyundai Solaris became the best-selling model on the market of new cars in Moscow

Russia May Equip All Cars with ‘Black Boxes’

The Russian government has agreed in principle with the idea of equipping all cars with "black boxes" – special damage-proof devices which record data useful for accident investigations

New Decree to Allow for Widespread Installation of Electric Car Chargers

Starting Nov. 1, owners of petrol stations across Russia will be able to outfit their facilities with chargers for electric cars

Essential Luxury

Spirited Rolls-Royce models to bring style, power to Russian roads

VW Polo Named Russia’s Best-Selling European Car

Autostat analytic agency reported that the Volkswagen Polo sedan has been the best-selling European model in the Russian market over the first nine months of 2016

Matrёshka: Skolkovo Presents Russia’s First Driverless Electric Bus

Russia’s first driverless electric bus “Matrëshka” was presented at the Moscow Skolkovo Innovation Centre

Aerobatics-Inspired Bentley Model to Arrive in Moscow

Luxury carmaker Bentley announced the launch of the limited series Continental GT V8 S Kobra Edition II, an exclusive model that will only be sold in the Russian capital

Moscow to Test Self-Driving Vehicles for Car Sharing

Self-driving Delimobil vehicles intended for car sharing will be introduced onto Moscow’s public roads in 2017

Russian Lexus Sales Double in September

Lexus sales increased by 51% in September compared to the same period in 2015

Hail the Self-Driving Bus

Russia's Central Research and Development Automotive Institute presents the driverless Shuttle minibus that can be summoned via a smartphone app

‘Cheapest Car in the World’ Goes on Sale in Russia

Bajaj Qute quadricycles are now going to be sold in Russia

Lukoil Slides By the Competition

Russian engine oil to be included in Mercedes-Benz shipments